Hi i just heard you talk on WGN and decided to check out your site. I applaud you for putting drug related depression in your depression types! I started using marijuana when i was 13 and immediately (a few days after smoking) noticed a change in mood. I would get irritable easily, be sad for no reason, find it hard to focus and speak freely, and just generally feelt “out of it”. I was tempted to smoke more to get back to normal but since i didn’t have a steady supply i would just smoke on weekends and feel “wierd” throughout the week. It took me a while to catch on that pot was inducing my depression…and when i quite it was not totally alleviated but drastically reduced.

I just feel that as states start to legalize it recreational it is getting the perception that it is a totally safe substance. It can be addicting…not like herion of course but addictive on a smaller scale. I may be more septicemic to depression then others but as i have gotten older i have learned my triggers and through the help of my own i have learned to cope and reduced it almost entirely from my life. Yes a lot of people can smoke pot and not dive into depression, but there are many out there like me that it can. In fact as your know many sustances (legal or not) can have an effect on mental health…especially those with mental health “issues” and when your dealing with kids/teens they may not be diagnosed or have the education and means to do that. Also a kids brain is way more mauluable and vulnerable to drugs.

So i just wanted to get that out there and urge you to educate others on the dangers of marijuana and mental health.
thank you

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