Rebranding Depression

To support its mission, iFred is creating a shift in society’s negative perception of depression through positive imagery, celebrity engagement, education of brain biology, and ultimately ending stigma through rebranding—establishing the sunflower and color yellow as the international symbol for hope. iFred’s Founder, Kathryn Goetzke, is an experienced marketing and branding professional, and has presented around the world in the field of mental health to encourage nonprofits to focus less on symptoms, and more on solutions.


Sunflowers serve as a symbol of light and hope for those living with mental health challenges around the world. Have you noticed:

  • Sunflowers grow towards sunlight with their faces tracking the sun. We need those with depression to seek light instead of responding to the natural instinct of hiding in darkness during a depressive episode.
  • Sunflowers are yellow; the color of joy, happiness and hope—symbolizing that depression can be successful treated. iFred believes this symbol, if used similarly to the pink ribbon for breast cancer or red dress for heart disease, can serve as a much more hopeful and positive universal icon for mental health thrivers.
  • Sunflowers are a practical and potentially profitable symbol for other nonprofits and NGOs around the world; sunflowers can be planted to honor those with depression, cause marketing campaigns can be executed with yellow and / or sunflower products to raise funds, and sunflowers can be harvested and sold to help fund the NGO or nonprofit organization.
  • Sunflower planting and gardening is actually good for the brain and helps fight depression.  Read this interesting article by Natural News about this very subject.
  • Sunflower seeds and oils contain antioxidants, Vitamin E and Omega 6’s. This kind of brain nutrition is incredibly important for those with depression.
  • Check out these Fascinating Facts about sunflowers.


Help us get the word out about depression.  Plant a sunflower in with our Gardens for Hope, download and share our Shine a Light on Hope brochure, put up a sign in your local coffee shop about Hope, encourage people to get trained via 7 Cups on Hope, or teach Hope to youth in your community.