Creative Outlets

Potter Hands Making In Clay On Pottery Wheel.Recent Research shows expressing positive emotion is more helpful than just venting. Yet, this positive emotion can be difficult when dealing with symptoms and emotions relating to depression. Art Therapy, or creative outlets, can potentially be a great alternative to this issue and a positive addition to other proven methods of treatment (Art Therapy has not yet been proven consistently in clinical settings).  Read more here from the National Center for Biotechnology.

Art allows for a wonderful form of individual expression; photography, painting, music, drawing, or sculpting are great examples of how we can effectively deal with emotion in a way that does not hurt ourselves or society.  For example, if you have feelings of abuse you can work with a therapist on those feelings, and take the energy from the hurt, pain, and anger and let the power of those emotions create something amazing for yourself.  This is a great alternative to avoiding the pain through alcohol, self-mutilation, drug abuse or other destructive behaviors.

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