Hopeful Cities

Hope Mural in Reno, Nevada (2022)

Hopeful Cities™, an iFred.org project, was created based on research that suggests that hope is a teachable skill. It launched the first-ever Hopeful City of Reno, Nevada. It was created as a marketing plan in action that operationalizes hope as it creates awareness about its importance.

Hopeful Cities is a website full of resources any city can implement and aims to equip the “how-to” of hope wherever it is needed: in the workplace, community, schools, and at home.

Mayor Hillary Schieve the International Day of Hope in Reno, Nevada

Activating Hope with Hopeful Cities

You can’t wish for a Hopeful City. Hope takes action. Hopeful Cities provides a Playbook of ways to activate hope in your community. Every resource offered through Hopeful Cities can be downloaded for free or purchased for professional copies. It is up to you – the whole idea is to get hope for all that need it, and all start working together and practicing these skills.

Hopeful Cities can be implemented through:

1. Government

2. Science

3. Education

4. Workplace

5. Art

6. Awareness

Photos from the International Day of Hope in Reno, Nevada