I watched springfields documentary the other night, I never was a big fan of rick, however watching his documentary on his life really reached out and touched my heart, where I respected rick with all my heart. When he was singing a song about his dad dieing back in 1981 and 19 years later my dad died of diabetes where he fell apart. I know that back in the early 80’s rick had a bad aditude but he changed his life after 30 years. the songs that he played, I really enjoyed his music of today. as I watched rick touching all the hearts of all the women that he helped and pulling them out of depression which made me emotional and made me see what kind of a man he is. I’ve seen a lot of deaths in my time which was one of the really sad times and I see that rick went through that as well as i did. My health is not in the greatest shape any more, and I used to be the one that lived the American way of supporting my family where I had to work very hard, and after all the years my health wwnt down hill from then on and continues. Now my wife and kids help support me now. I almost died 2 times however, I’m not trying to make you feal bad about me, I’m just saying of the people I have seen that have gone through hard times, and rick brought their spirits up. As I watched His Documentary is brought my spirits up as well. I’ve watched other rock bands on other documentaries but ricks was the one that stuck out the most and touched my heart.

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