Global Mental Health Summit

I am thrilled to be speaking this year at the Global Mental Health Summit in Athens, Greece on September 2nd. It is being put on by the Global Mental Health Movement – anyone can join so please sign on to and join the movement to fight for Mental Health worldwide.

Our field in Ghana, Africa has woken me up to the troubling situation worldwide. People with mental health disabilities are getting mistreated globally, yet little is being done about it. Many countries think that people are possessed by spirits and demons if they have a mental health affliction – so they are tied to trees and made to fast and their human rights are taken away.

The U.S. was there not too long ago. We can not let these people suffer in silence. We must join together and fight for all those who can not fight for themselves.

Please join the movement at I will be speaking at the summit about rebranding depression and some initiatives iFred is taking to do just that – and and We hope to get more organizations, government and media focusing on the positive effects of treatment (and that yes, it is a medical disease not something ‘in the head’) as opposed to the symptoms and despair of depression.

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