Gratitude Wall

We could not do all of our wonderful work without the amazing partnerships and support from the following individuals, companies, and organizations. It is their generous gifts, product donations, cause-marketing campaigns and in-kind media support that help us to share our message. 

Our message is one of hope: hope is a universal right that is critical, teachable, and available to all. For more information, see the BBC coverage of our program on Hopeful Minds, and, if you haven’t already, check out the new updated Hopeful Minds curriculums, available for download or purchase at

Please do share our work, and support our generous donors below.

Founding Sponsor

We would not be here without the generous support of The Mood Factory, who dedicated the first nationwide cause marketing campaign to our organization. It was done at a time when mental health was highly stigmatized, and a great risk for the brand. Yet the product was a success, and the seed funding helped us create what is now Hopeful Minds, a global program aimed at teaching the “how to” of hope.

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Jeff and Lisa Gordon, of the Gordon Family Giving Fund of the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation, made a $50,000 grant for Reno Hopeful Cities Programming/Hopeful Minds for Teens Program Development Support

Carter & Associates

Kathryn Goetzke

Susan Minamyer

Silver Sponsors

Haggerty Family Foundation

Andrew Rueckert

Brian Eaton

And many, many individual supporters and donors. If you have made a donation, and want your name listed, simply send us an e-mail and we will gladly add.

Media Partners

In Memoriam

Gifts were made to our organization in honor of these individuals. While we cannot bring loved ones back, we can use their memory to support our work in the world. We consider it a great honor to do this, and welcome your engagement in our work as well.

Ernst Wallish
Scott T McDonald
Michael Zink
John Briskie
Kay Zalewski
Dr. Jack Devor
Pornpracha “Cha” Chunchadathar
Gary R. Arkill

Bently Goenka
Robert Whalen
Noam Kroll-Zeldin
Karen White Hickman
Sharon Airey
Logan Anderson
Arjhan Bagheri
Dr. Brian Miller
Evelyn Quvedo

Sarah Coyle
Gerald Paul (Jerr) Clark IV
William Gelbke
Michelle Batie Anderson
Megan Gates
Scott Degraff
Nicholas Cesarini
Larry Weinberg
Sean Geral Rush

In Celebration

Thank you to the Goetzke / Ryan Wedding for taking donations for our organization in lieu of gifts. It helped fuel our growth tremendously. To all that have enough “stuff,” what better way to celebrate than with HOPE!

Cause Marketing Partners

Cause marketing is great not just for fundraising, but for eradicating stigma. Each impression we make teaching the power of hope supports our mission to create a world where all feel safe and supported. If you are interested in becoming a cause marketing partner, please reach out at

If you are a retailer interested in supporting our partners, feel free to email us so we can put you in touch directly.

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Thank you all, for your continued support. If you have ways that you would like to support us that aren’t listed above, please reach out. We are open to growing hope globally, in any way possible. Simply e-mail